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What is Augmentation?

Software Development

For us, augmentation is just that; a way for you to quickly increase the size of your current development team(s) or supercharge them with some new capabilities.

Is there an urgent project you need to deliver, but you don’t have the capacity? Maybe you’ve been affected by the changes to off-payroll working (IR35) and find yourself understaffed and unable to satisfy your product roadmap.

Is this ringing any bells? We can help by bolstering your existing team or simply taking the headache off your plate entirely.

What are the benefits of Team Augmentation?

When done well, the benefits of augmentation are huge and can massively accelerate your current delivery schedule to give your business a competitive advantage. Indeed, there are so many potential benefits that it would be tough to list them all here.

However; here are the main areas that make the difference when it comes to augmentation:


You can grow and scale your team according to your current needs; it allows you to be agile when adopting new skills into your organisation and introduces new techniques and ideas to your permanent team members.


If you’re bringing in a dedicated development partner to deliver a project that is not core to your current operations, it prevents your permanent team from becoming distracted from the activities that fuel your business.


It’s not always about cost. There are occasions where speed to market means the difference between profit and loss.

Building a permanent, cohesive team takes time, especially if you are trying to fill niche roles and it can be months before you would expect them to be up to full speed. With augmentation, you can get going straight away.


Let’s be clear, bringing in a development partner may initially look expensive.

When you weigh this against the tangible capital asset you’ll be getting as a product and then the fact you’re not paying the associated hidden or soft costs for permanent employees - it starts to look extremely attractive.

Our Philosophy

We believe the key to any successful partnership builds upon the following pillars:


Clear and well-defined communication channels mean queries get addressed quickly and directly. This saves a massive amount of time in the long run. It also allows us to bring you closer to the project.


Well documented requirements and stories give you peace of mind that your vision will come to life.


Working in an agile way means we can set a very reliable, regular delivery schedule. This allows both sides to plan for the duration of the project.


We like to keep you close throughout the project. We give you early sight of new developments by using agile techniques like sprint and story reviews. This prevents those nasty surprises at the end of the project and allows you to feel confident about your eventual outcome.


Let’s address the elephant in the room. We have all heard horror stories about times where augmentation hasn’t gone well and it can cause considerable damage to relationships and businesses.

Check out our article that highlights some key issues to look out for and how we help prevent them from becoming a problem.

elephant in a room

Are you ready to boost yoursoftware delivery and start reaping the rewards?

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