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We automated a single paper-based process for one of our customers and saved them 1 week per process cycle. In this case study we take you through how we did it.

One of our clients had a process where field operatives were required to note down unique unit identifiers and accurate location information on a paper-based form when installing new devices in the field.

Commissioning for the new units would be completed when data entry staff in the office took the paper forms and updated the control system.

There were two main problems for the client here:

  • Sometimes it could be as much as a week before the paper forms were presented to the office (leaving new units out of operation).
  • With thousands of devices to install, it was easy for anomalies to creep into the data.

How we tackled these problems ?

We tackled these problems by delivering the following innovations:

  1. Developed a mobile application based on the data required in the paper-based form.
  2. Improved accuracy by leveraging native mobile technologies like barcode scanning and GPS.
  3. Reduced commissioning time by developing a dedicated API to upload new unit information to the control system once validated by the mobile application.

Our client can now expect new units to commissioned on their system almost in real-time; as a bonus, their office staff are now free to work on more dedicated support tasks.

In brief: The benefits of this automation

  • We reduced process cycle time from a week to minutes.
  • Data integrity and accuracy was improved driving more confidence in the control system data.
  • As a result of this automation our customer was able to free up staff to focus on delivering better quality support and value.

What makes us different ?

Our agile way of working allows us to keep you, the customer, at the centre of everything we do. It drives us forward to find the best solution for you and your business and allows us to build a close working relationship that we hope will last for years. Communication is central to our partnerships; it inspires our innovation and fuels our truly unique solutions for integrating devices and systems. Offering bespoke solutions and services, let us know how we can help you with your next project.

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